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The world's movie...

The World's Movie is our contribution towards realising the Millennium Development Goals. An important message to our world leaders, ensuring that they will follow up the commitments they have made to solve the world's most crucial problems.

The World's Movie delivers benefits for everyone: the actors, the directors, the movie lovers and, most importantly, the world's poor through the Millennium Development Goals. Just do the maths: the average blockbuster brings in more than a billion dollars in revenue globally: with our intended line-up of world class actors, The World's Movie is set to break box office records.

The World's Movie is a great way of drawing attention to global problems. In a very positive way, we appeal to each individual to contribute to a better world. Charity can be fun! House-hold names and "ordinary" people will work together to make the impossible possible; collectively we will signal that something needs to happen to help solve the major global problems. After all, the Millennium Development Goals are our goals!

The World's Movie . Let's go for it! Let's make 2011 the year the film industry changes the world!




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